Outsourced Marketing Manager

Hire me to manage your entire marketing function

Outsourced Marketing Manager

Complete management of your marketing function

As a commercially experienced marketeer with a decade’s experience of marketing strategy, campaign planning and implementation, I have the knowledge, tools, resources, contacts and skills you would look for in a marketing manager.

My clients appoint me as their outsourced marketing manager because they need someone with a wide skill set who can take on both the strategic elements of marketing planning, whilst also managing the day-to-day operations that marketing teams handle.

In this capacity, I take complete ownership of the marketing function and fully integrate myself into your business to become a part of your wider team.

“Jamie has been managing various elements of our marketing function for several years and we have seen excellent results since day one. He truly understands the our market and has extensive experience across multiple, profitable, marketing channels.”

Richard Keyes - Managing Partner, TC Group (formerly Taylorcocks)

Marketing Management Process - How It Works

Step 1: Context.
I know nothing about you, your business or your objectives. Let's change that. We will have an in-depth discussion about your business model, team structure, products/services, pricing strategy, target market, objectives and challenges. These may change, but having a good understanding of these elements is the best place for us to start.
Step 3: Strategy.
Step 1 and 2 give me the all the information, data and context I need in order to work out the challenges to overcome and opportunities to leverage. This forms the initial strategy, which will be documented and reviewed over time to ensure it continues to meet the requirements of your objectives. This includes the achievement of 'quick wins' or solutions to problems you've faced and proactive marketing campaigns.
Step 4: Campaign Planning & Implementation.
Once the strategy has been outlined, I will plan marketing campaigns for you by delving deeper into your target market, segmenting it, creating a relevant and timely message and targeting each campaign audience on the most suitable platforms.
Step 5: Analysis & Review.
Goals and KPIs will be set to ensure the the marketing activity is successful and ultimately that the marketing strategy is helping you to achieve your overall objectives. Progress and results will be measured, analysed and presented to you in a jargon-free, meaningful report every month. This will also include planned changes, adjustments to the strategy and/or tactics and campaigns if applicable.
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What does my service cover?

Marketing Audit & Strategy

I will carry out an audit of your existing marketing function (if you have one) and define your strategy.

Marketing Campaign Planning

I will create a marketing campaign plan which will include a marketing calendar so that you’re always aware of the ongoing work.

Brand Development

I will help you develop your brand and improve awareness using a range of channels, including social media, PR, email & advertising.

Website Design & Development

If required I will design & develop a new website, re-design your existing site and work to constantly improve your conversion rate.

Lead Generation

I will use the most appropriate channels to generate leads, e.g. PPC, SEO, social media, telemarketing and email marketing.

Media Planning & Buying

I have relationships with some of the biggest media companies in the UK and will handle all media planning & buying on your behalf.

External Agency Selection

I will carry out a comprehensive selection process for all external agencies or freelancers and manage the relationship for you.

KPI Setting & Reports

I will set goals & KPIs and report on work completed and key results, communicate everything with you with complete transparency.

Just want some advice or support?

If you’re thinking, “this sounds great but I just need some marketing advice or someone to bounce ideas off” – don’t worry, I can still help you. I offer a day rate option and a flexible support package which might be a better fit if you’ve already got someone in-house to manage your marketing and just need a bit of extra support here and there.

Marketing Expert

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