Marketing Strategy

Accelerate your business' growth with an improved marketing strategy

Marketing strategy consulting

Every successful organisation needs a marketing strategy to help shape its future growth. Without an effective marketing strategy in place, businesses and charities can waste a huge amount of time and money on their marketing activity with little or no return on investment. Putting in place clear objectives, budgets and marketing campaign plans ensures that every penny and every minute spent on marketing is planned and in control. I have helped countless businesses define their marketing strategy and can offer you the chance to transform your business’ future.

I can write your entire marketing strategy and create a tactical action plan for your marketing campaigns to meet your objectives.

Research & Analyses

An effective marketing strategy always starts with an executive summary to summarise the marketing plan before going into more detail. After that, a situational analysis needs to be carried out (usually a PESTEL analysis) to clearly define the positioning of your business, as well a SWOT analysis to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The results of these analyses helps shape the marketing strategy by providing clarity in terms of where the business is and where it needs to get to.

Objectives & Strategy

Once the situational and SWOT analyses are complete, the marketing objectives can be set and tactics can be brainstormed. Using SMART objectives helps to keep the marketing strategy focused so that the right channels are considered when deciding which tactics to use to achieve the marketing objectives. The action plan is then formed and campaign planning can take place to start implementing the marketing strategy. Where I can add the most value is by taking objectives and quickly working out which marketing channels are best suited to help you achieve them.


The marketing action plan will include budgets for the campaigns, which are set as a result of forecasting the results required in order to achieve your marketing objectives. I will help you set KPIs based on what is a meaningful result to you; often businesses struggle to track ROI from marketing and even more so when they focus solely on direct ROI. Certain marketing channels will be more “top-of-funnel” and will contribute more to brand awareness than to direct ROI, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t as effective as other channels; I will help you measure ROI and campaign performance.
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