Marketing Audit

gain insight into the effectiveness of your marketing

Marketing Audit

What makes a good marketing audit?

A marketing audit is useful for organisations at various stages of the development of their marketing strategy; whether you’ve just celebrated your first year of trading and want to understand how to scale-up fast, or have been running successfully for decades and want to understand why you haven’t grown significantly for years. Whichever stage of the business life cycle you’re at, I can help you take your marketing operation to the next level, by providing a marketing audit service that will leave you with a deeper and broader understanding of how your organisation can drive growth more efficiently.

When there is a gap between your expectations and reality, you need to fill that gap with knowledge and strategy.

Situation Analyses

The first part of a strategic marketing audit is a range of situational analyses, including brand & service/product positioning, market trends, competitors performance and historic failures & successes. I will use a mix of primary, secondary and tertiary research to form the analyses, including surveys, focus groups, online polls & questionnaires, verified secondary research. This section of the audit not only provides insights into how above-the-line marketing can be improved, but is also vital in order to successfully carry out the rest of the marketing audit. A series of analytical methods with be used, including SWOT and PESTEL.

Resource Effectiveness Tests

The second part of the market audit I will carry out is a group of tests designed to measure the effectiveness of your marketing resource, including your software, hardware, tools, training and human resources. This section of the audit is arguably where I am able to add the most value; my experience of working with so many different organisations means that I have a deep understanding of how different types of resources can either benefit or hold-back marketing operations.  This part of the audit will also help you improve efficiency by elements within your marketing operation that could be replaced with a more effective alternative.

Marketing Strategy & Tactics

The third part of the marketing audit is an assessment of your marketing strategy and the tactics you use to achieve your marketing and business objectives. This includes an in-depth review of the marketing campaigns you have historically implemented, focusing on the quality of the planning and execution of the campaigns. This section of the audit will highlight whether or not your marketing resource is being used to its full potential and how your software and teams’ skills can be put to better use. It will also identify any gaps in your marketing strategy; opportunities to use new channels to your advantage and ways to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

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