The Ideal Business Plan Structure

Marketing Planning

Business plans: how to structure business plans Any business, whether it is just starting out or is considering the next stage in its development, will need a business plan. A business plan serves several important purposes. Perhaps the most obvious is to help raise funding. A business plan is the document that banks or investors […]

How to write a marketing plan

Writing A Marketing Plan

How to write a marketing plan Writing a marketing plan can be challenging for any Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing, Marketing Director or small business owner, regardless of how much experience you have in implementing marketing strategies. This quick guide to writing a marketing plan will give you the top-level information you need to get […]

What To Include In Your Business Plan

A business plan is essential for every business. Failing to plan your business is the first step toward planning to fail. Recording your ideas, plans and strategies is essential given the ongoing sluggish economy when so many business owners are struggling to maintain profitability and cash flow. Before you write your business plan Taking prudent, […]

How small businesses can stay competitive

Most businesses come into being because an entrepreneur has identified a niche in the marketplace – and in the early months or years there may be relatively little pressure from competitors. But your very presence in the marketplace invites competition, and before long you find yourself in a tightening market with competitors, large and small, […]

12 Steps To Nailing B2B Lead Generation

So, you want to generate more leads on your website? You are using inbound marketing communications but how do you ensure you are using the most effective ones to target the right people, build trust and convert into new business? Here we offer you 12 practical steps to boost your online lead generation. Use personas […]