The Ideal Business Plan Structure

Marketing Planning

Business plans: how to structure business plans Any business, whether it is just starting out or is considering the next stage in its development, will need a business plan. A business plan serves several important purposes. Perhaps the most obvious is to help raise funding. A business plan is the document that banks or investors […]

How to write a marketing plan

Writing A Marketing Plan

How to write a marketing plan Writing a marketing plan can be challenging for any Marketing Manager, Head of Marketing, Marketing Director or small business owner, regardless of how much experience you have in implementing marketing strategies. This quick guide to writing a marketing plan will give you the top-level information you need to get […]

How to set up an employee development programme

Setting up a training programme Skills are precious commodities in a world where knowledge – knowing how to exploit technology, knowing how to adapt to change – is increasingly the difference between achievement and under-performance.In such a world, the better trained, the more flexible a firm’s staff, the more productive, competitive and, ultimately, profitable the […]

What are the costs of starting a business?

Initial costs of starting in business No business is the same as another, even if the product or service is similar. If you are starting in business it is important to avoid the pitfall of underestimating your start up costs. In order to assist you with identifying which expenditures you may incur visit our startup-cost […]