About Casson Beckman

Casson Beckman Chartered Accountants & Business Advisers is a small, tightly-knit firm of forward-thinking accountants and business advisers. They specialise in helping their clients remain compliant and manage their financial position more efficiently through strategic advice and consultancy.

Summary of project

After receiving a recommendation from another client of mine – and learning that I specialise in building websites for accountants – Casson Beckman commissioned me to completely re-design and redevelop their website.

Their previous site had a TON of content and pages which were no longer relevant or necessary, so the first step was to establish which services they’re stilling providing and working out how they could be organised into relevant categories. Once we had established that all their services fit under “Compliance”, “Support” or “Advisory”, it became much easier to showcase their services without putting them all on one big page.

Once we had agreed on a style, tone of voice and colour scheme to fit their brand, I began building the initial draft of the website, for which the feedback was very positive. Most accountancy websites are very corporate and similar, so we decided to build a website which is focused around Casson Beckman’s brand and approach. It was important to ensure that website portrayed Casson Beckman’s local, personal approach to customer service.


The end result of this project is that Casson Beckman now have a much cleaner and modern website, with a fraction of the content of their previous website and a much higher conversion rate than before.
The video below shows the comparison between their old website and the new one:

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